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singe X trois

Monkey Times Three (see no evil,hear no evil, speak no evil)

Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!
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3 times the monkey, 3 times the fun, 3 times the trouble!
In order to truly know someone, do you also need to know who they were?

As I firmly implanted myself in my 30s I felt awkward when I had to tell people my email addresses or username was MacBoySF. I picked the name back in 1997 and it seemed appropriate since I was a huge fan of Macintosh computers and a new transplant to San Francisco from Long Beach California. When I turned thirty I began to wonder how long I would keep the handle and would I want to be 40 and calling myself a boy... 50...80. But the change seemed difficult.

The more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed. There was a new younger macboysf popping up on the net. I guess people in the UK though I was hairless since mac is a hair removal product. My dad would make me cringe when he would say my handle as Macboy’s F.

So I’m starting the reinvention process to MonkeyX3 (Monkey Times Three). I leaned the importance of middle names when I was younger, plus it’s fun to quickly say monkey three times.

Can anyone ever really know who they are since they are always changing?
I’ve grown so much since I started this journal back in 2002. For one thing I’ve discovered spell check. Travel back at your own risk. I’ve become more social, adventurous and have conquered many of the fears that were holding me back. But there are core parts of my personality that have stayed the same. I’m still that nice guy who is nervous in new situations. I’m still slow to anger and a peacekeeper for those around me. I still worry about if people like me, but I’m confident in myself, I know I can accomplish something if I decide I am going to pursue it. I'm still pushing forward to make myself a better person and improve this small section of the world that I occupy too.

This is from the front page of my autobiography I turned into school when I was 9.

To get a better idea of who I am you might want to check out my memories