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Weekend with the Parrents

The weekend went very well. My parents drove up from Long Beach on Saturday and showed up at our place around 2PM. The place was all clean and together. It was quite a chore to get everything done. New blinds, New Closets, New Locks, clean, vacuum, scrub, bleach, clean, vacuum and clean. When it was all done and my parents arrived the place looked great, and it still does. Hopefully we will be able to keep the place looking this great.

After my parents arrived I gave them the tour and showed my mom all the gluten free stuff we bought for her at rainbow grocery. She was so excited about the lemon cake mix that she started to cook one almost immediately. It's probably been over 20 years since she has had lemon cake. How often do you find lemon cake that has no wheat or flour? Wile the Lemon cake was cooling down we went to introduce my parents to Tom's family. It went very well, everyone had lots to say to each other and I think everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. Tom's sister immediately asked my dad to follow her to get a beer. I know she will always have a special place in his heart because of this.

After we left Tom's family we went to Darla's on Irving at 9th and had delicious food. My mom had a delicious pork chop and didn't get sick, hurray! If my mom eats the slightest bit of wheat/flour/gluten of any kind she get really sick. Most soy sauce has a wheat thickener, even this small amount is enough to ruin a day or two. Then we went to take pictures at 25th and York; the place where my grandpa was born. After that we walked around PacBell park and drove down the real crockedist street in San Francisco on Potrero Hill before heading back to the house for wheat-free lemon cake.

The next day my dad and I looked at the plumbing in the bathroom and fixed a few of the locks that needed a whole cutter in order to get them to sit correctly. Then we went down to Fisherman's Warf and met up with Dana and Joanne before heading to Alcatraz. After our private tour with Joanne's friend Dan where we got to go to special places we went to Amoeba and then Thai Stick for a yummy dinner with my great friend Jeannie. We all talked and laughed a lot. you can see the pictures for the whole weekend at;


Watch out it takes a while to load. I took a ton of pictures.