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Not love... just frenzy

If you have seen the spanish film, Not Love... Just Frenzy, I'm sure the image from the final scene that was burned into you brain is what you are thinking about.

I saw the movie over year ago but just got the DVD and was able to grab a shoot from the final scene. I am going to make this into a t-shirt, it's just so sick and wrong. As well as a reminder to us all when we are having bad day, be glad we are not an actress in some almovadaresque Spanish movie... or the character she plays... and of course it goes without saying the guy who is not pictured.


Things to note about the picture... of course you see the gun, and the blood but what is that white spoogy stuff by her mouth....

Yes, it is!

suck suck suck-splash white....bam- splash red!
The End!

See-Line Woman - Nina Simone (masters at work remix) - Verve Remixed


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Apr. 26th, 2004 08:01 pm (UTC)
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