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Take me for a walk... lets go for a walk!

I am having a blast today! I got to sleep in a bit, my boss is out today as Catherine who is always trying to get me to do her work FOR her. I'm like a kid in a candy factory. Screw the store, there's a lot to be had in a factory!

Yesterday, I came across an old journal I kept when I was in high school, ooh that was painful. It was full of a entries about wanting to cry.... it makes me cringe. I'll have to post some of the more horrible ones. The best part though were al the terrible artwork I had done. I never realized I drew so many pictures of Trent Reznor.

Gotta get back to work.

Bellatronica - The Walk - Keoki - Kill The DJ


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dear monkey..my e-mail is tattygurl@aol.com
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