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...and then enters craigb

Welcome craigb! You've come at a good time, things are stressful but good. I'm down to the last days of my twenties.

I am so excited to have the new Miss Kittin album, I think before it's even out. So far only a few of the songs have really stood out. I've only given it one listen and not even all the way through.

We just had an "All hands meeting" and well I can't believe who won an award for exemplifying the company's core values, Ms. Guano! The woman who STOLE Dana's job. the woman who drafts other people into doing her job because she is too scattered. The person who is still promising my boss all the stuff that he requested be done before the first of the year will be done by next week. The person who keeps trying to pretend she is my boss telling me what to do and when has won an award for exemplifying the company's core values. Excuse me while I go vomit. Anyone got a mint? It just goes to show that you never really know what it going on backstage when you are in the audience. I guess she does put on a good show.

But back to good things, I had a three by three from In-N-Out Burger today an my allergies have been practically non existent the last two weeks. I go in for my shots today and i've been out of my Alegra for a few days and yet I haven't had any problems! I think I am almost to the point where I won't need the shots as often!

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