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"Was that you or was it a clutch slipping?" and other things overheard.

So Friday I left work at five to run home before meeting up with Katie and Shannon at Dalva in the Mission. I arrived about 20 minutes after them but they were still on their first drink. It was really good to see shannon and how great she is doing. She had to undergo chemo for her breast cancer. She is so strong we all knew she would beat it. But it was hard to read her emails when it was all going on. After a few drinks Shannon had to leave to go on a date and Katie wanted to go home and get some rest because she felt like she was catching something.

So I called skibumca to see how far along he was with Derick's Birthday plans. I meet them for dinner a really good thai place in the lower Haight. We then headed to meet up with more people at a straight bar in the Polk... i have no idea what is was called but it was a really cool bar that offered hot nuts! I was slightly horrified.

After quite a few drink and meeting and talking with a lot of really fun people we headed through my old hood in the tenderloin to another bar called Panzu. I guess there was another group of friends with two other people having a birthday party. The bar seemed really out of place for the neighborhood which was probably why the bar was filled pretty much with people who had come to the birthday parties.

I had a lot of fun talking with Ascia, Joe, and Melissa. When the party moved upstairs it got... interesting. Melissa did some serious damage to my nipples. I kept telling her to be gentle but I don't think she understood what that meant. The woman is obsesed with causing pain.

"No drinks on the drug table!"
I don't think I ever seen so much coke in my life. I have to say that people on coke seem to be pretty fun. Me being the control freak that I am still have not tried coke. I have no desire to put anything up my nose! I just have zero desire to try it, but the people at the party were lots of fun to hang out with. The only person who annoyed me at all was some flaming queen named Everan who kept saying he wasn't gay and talking about "those people". I was amazed at how many people were arguing with him. When I was brought into the argument. my statement was. "I've heard all about you, but you have your nails painted silver, a stylish FoHawk and Pradda shoes. If you aren't gay you want people to think you're gay, but frankly I just don't care."

Jason really wanted me to take Everan home to prove everyone right, but anytime I hear someone use "those people", it doesn't matter how cute they are... I will see them as some old ignorant grandparent. Especially if you are talking about "those people" to "those people." I'm just surprised I didn't grab him by his tuft of hair and explain manners to him.

I left around three... of course the kitties had to wake me up at 7:30 to be fed but i was able to nap for a little while latter.

Saturday after my nap I cleaned the house a bit and upgraded my friend Dave's iMac to OS X. It seemed to take forever but I really enjoyed getting to hang out and really talk with him about all the crazy stuff going on in his life. I was having so much fun teasing him about being a Baseball wife. If he's not careful he is going to out his boyfriend. It always amazes me the interesting situations he gets into. Afterwards we went for a drink at Moby's. Well actually I had a few.

Strangely, after Dave left, Crackie the guy who watches the place downstairs showed up in the bar. I was never quite sure if he was gay or straight, but I kind of thought he as straight. I bought him a drink and got to talking with him and found out Laurie (the person who actually live in the flat) is in London too. It was nice to actually hang out with him rather than just being pissed that he is waking me up at 4 on a wednesday. I found out that he is straight and teaches tennis. He also had quite a bit to say about Laurie's girlfriend... who he clearly has a bit of a crush on... but it might be for the wallet in her purse.

On my way home I ran into a very persistent French Ethiopian German Man named Danielle. He kept calling me Baby. It was kind of hard to get away from him. Two late night made me very happy to crawl into bed. Today I'm just going to relax and take care of some errands.
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