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So much going on, so much has been going on, I've had little time to think let alone process and write about it. So much going on. My Mama Mia (she thinks grandma makes her sound old) keeps having to have surgery. She's had three this month. She keeps becoming very inactive and non responsive. That's why they looked and saw that she had first a blood clot in her brain near the scull and then another and then a bubble. She seems to be fine now. I just hope she doesn't have to have anymore surgery. It's very strange how she is so frail and seems so old when my grandpa is still so active. He doesn't seem 93 at all. He still drives and gets around all by himself without any cane or anything. He really does seem 30 years younger.

I went down south for my parents St Patrick's Day party on Saturday and to visit with a few people. Tom and I drove down on Friday and saw Kirsten's play "The Fan Marroo" it was very funny. I was a bit shocked in the beginning. She didn't warn me that she started off completely naked.

Saturday morning we got ready for the party and visited with my parents. I wish I had more time to visit with everyone during the party. It just seemed like I barely got to talk to most people. I was really happy shamandl, Jannie, and Eugene came. There was a second wave as all of my actor friends showed up fashionably late around 11pm. I finally got to be around 3:30.

Up again around 10Am time to bid farewell to the parents and have lunch with Dana, Denise , Celia, Baby Charlie, Mike B and company at Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch. As always the food was amazing. I really wanted to get a Sweet Potato pie to go but we couldn't had to get on the road.
made it back into the city around 9pm.

Oh yeah and we have had a guest from Germany staying at our place for the last few days. Manja Bode From Berlin. She left just yesterday. She had been working her way up the left coast from Brazil all the way to San Francisco.

Tom is leaving for two weeks tomorrow. He made a last minute decision to go to London and Paris for a doll festival. He will make the cost of the trip back by selling the dolls (here in the States) you get for going to the convention. He always stresses out before he goes on a trip and this one has been no different. He seems a little extra worried though. Fears of the anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Work has been a nightmare I don't even want to talk about. Lets just say TONS of network problems... They moved almost all the Mac upstairs... Where AppleTalk isn't routing properly and they haven't enabled some of the servers to allow connection though anything but AppleTalk. Erg! I can't wait until we get everyone upgraded to Panther!