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Then enters julrikson

Welcome julrikson!
Ah, Ohio! I used to live in Centerville outside of Dayton. I don't really remember much because we moved back to california when I was four. I remember the tornados and learning to swim and catching bugs but not much else. My old roommate Patrick grew up in Dayton, but I don't think he has many fond memories. He was constantly harassed, his house vandalized constantly and he was even kick out of the boy scouts.

From http://www.bsa-discrimination.org/html/bsa_confidential.html
Ex-scout Patrick Renner, 20 (obviously a very old article), now lives in San Francisco but grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Renner, who reached the second highest rank in scouting, spent his summers working at various summer camps run by the local scout council. At age 16 he says he was dismissed from his job as dining hall steward at Cricket Holler Cub Scout Camp in Dayton and given one hour to leave the camp after his gayness became known.

'"There'd always been rumors about me," he says, "because I had a high voice and what would have been considered effeminate mannerisms." He says he was later interrogated "like a court-martial" by the camp chaplain and two other camp officials. "I really felt unwanted," he recalls. "School was basically a hell where I was harassed and abused all day to the point where I came home crying. Scouting just rubbed it in my face."

Patrick is such a strong man it amazes me all that he has been through and he still has a smile on his little nun face.


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Mar. 8th, 2004 12:59 pm (UTC)
Yup, I know where Centerville is. We're in ValleyView, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. My grandparents used to live in Dayton. I'm an Eagle Scout with Bronze, Gold and Silver Palms, was Assiciate Director of Conservation at Philmont Scout Ranch, and you can see various pictures of me and my trial site in Trail Building and Mantenence section of the BSA Conservation Handbook. I will have NOTHING to do with BSA these day for reasons that will be self evident.
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