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One night in Portland... makes drunk man tired.

I am dead tired! I had too much fun! I eventually talked myself to wander the streets by myself. I thought I was wandering down through one of the gay areas but I had my directions mixed up and it took me a while to realize it. But I found a really yummy fun pizza restaurant where I ate a couple of slices while I people watched. once I finally realized my sense of north and south were severely skewed I found the gay area, but I wasn't really sure. it's not as over the top as SF. I didn't feel like going into the few places that had rainbow flags because of the booming music. I was too tired to dance and would be bored by myself. I eventually found a place aptly named Scandals. I had been seeing so many really drunk people on the streets covered in beads. I figured it was from some local restaurant / bar or something. I had no idea what day it was.

I got a drink and found nice seat where I could watch what was going on in the bar, it's a big bar. That's when I noticed the bartender was barely fitting into his tighty whiteys and that almost every man had beads around there necks.... still had no idea why.

It became very apparent how Californian I am when I was shocked to see a man light up a cigarette... before I realized almost everybody was smoking. Yes I woke up the next day feeling like an ashtray!

I sat a people watched for a while but the time came for me to move to another spot. here is a rule for everyone, if you see a drag queen walking toward you with a microphone, get the hell out of the area! I moved into amore social area and started talking with Tyler the hippy, he is very funny but sometimes hard to follow. I also met sad sack Tom and John-John the evil Cat among others who's name I cannot remember. Eventually I figured out that it was Mardi Gras, A holiday I have never experienced. I got some beads for showing some belly and different fuzzy spots and gave out a few for getting to see a show. I don't think I've ever seen so much *uhm* in a bar before.

Everyone was very nice and seemed to know each other. toward the end of the evening I ended up trapped in a conversation with Greg, a very speedy ex porn star (his claim, I have no idea). he was very funny but it was hard to get him to give me a chance to leave. Finally I got to bed quite late... I was going to enjoy my sleep, that is until the fire alarms started to go off around 7am. no fire, just 45 minutes of alarms and announcements. So far I not impressed with this hotel where Monica sucked off Mr. Bill! I wish I was staying at itsolivia's Hotel Lucia.
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