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Weekend update

Wow this weekend was a blur, i'm trying to remember backto what i did. Lets see, Friday I worked (only about 7 people where in the office so i go a lot done), Dana and i left a bit early and went to see Men In Black II a very good film. I loved the part with Michael Jackson. On Satuday Tom and I slept in late and worked on getting the office closet organized and some general house cleaning. it was one of those stay in all day and watch TV days. On Sunday Tom went to work as usual and I went to Ikea and Home Depot with Dana, Lanny and JoAnn. We rushed thru Ikea, amazingly only bought a few items this time. I got roman shades in blue for the living room and red for the office and a dimmer switch. We also got in and out of home Depot pretty quick as well. I brought Rubbermaid closet organizers the kind that replaces the shelves and hanging bars in your closet. I also bought new locks for the house So I don't have to have so many keys. I currently have seven keys i'm hopeing to get that number down to two or three. We shall see. Dana kicked some ASS with Lanny and installed the closet for me while JoAnne and I put up the Shades. The house is really comeing together, it needs to becasue my parents are comeing up for a visit this weekend! So much to do, so much to do, what time is it? Gotta get going!