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Ramble ramble ramble.

I think it's odd the times I feel guilty. Normally the reasons I feel guilty make no sense really. I tend to feel guilty when someone is having a hardship that I am not currently having. I feel like I should be sharing their pain and that I should just lie and pretend that I am having that hardship as well. I am a terrible liar. So I normally just keep my mouth shut. It's the smartest idea. One thing that I don't feel guilty about though is when people talk about problems with their parents. It seems like everyone I know has some big issues with their parents. I can't think of a single small one.

10 reasons why I love my parents.
1. They accept me for who I am. My mom just likes to keep asking me if I would adopt at kid, she thinks I would "make such an absolutely great father."

2. The worst thing I can remember my parents doing to me was giving me a spanking (the one and only time) when my brother and I (about 6years old) were fooling around after we were supposed to be asleep and the top bunk fell on top of me. I thought the bed falling on me was punishment enough.

3. They both took so much extra time to sit me down and point out the importance of small events. I remember very well a talk I had with my dad when I was about 10 where one of my cousin's friend who was an adult was teaching me magic tricks at a boring family gathering where I was the only kid. My dad said to me, "what he did was very nice and you had so much fun, be sure to say thank you, he didn't have to do this. You should do the same thing as him when you get older" I'm paraphrasing a long conversation this - was 20 years ago.

4. They taught me responsibility. They also taught me that my health is my responsibility, and authority figures are not always right. My mom on Doctors, "They don't really know what you are feeling, they depend on you to guide them to the right answer. They are tools and you always need to be completely honest and if they say something you don't think is right, challenge them on it." I have always felt that if I was with Oscar at the hospital he wouldn't have died. There is no way I would have let him wait in X-Ray. I would have been yelling for someone to fix his heart.

5.They listen to me. They ask me for advice. They treat me like their equal. When I moved out of my parents house I really didn't feel compelled to move like most people. They let me live my life the way I wanted, they just supplied the roof and food.

6. I can't really remember arguing with them very much. We never ague now at all. I argue more with Tom than I do with my parents. I argue with my brother more than anyone, but he is still the biggest torturer of my life.

7. They believe in me. They encourage me to improve and don't question the choices I make.

8. They never yelled at me, or called me stupid or made me feel inferior in any way.

9. My mom taught me to read the labels on food items and to eat in moderation. It seems most people hate to feel hungry while I would rather feel hungry than full. My mom almost never used the big plates for our dinners. I will never win any eating contest, it's something I've just come to terms with.

10. They love me!



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Feb. 10th, 2004 04:04 pm (UTC)
Totally unrelated....

you make me feel like we've been friends for a long time

What a sweet thing to say!!! I feel the same way about you!! It was so easy to meet you.. I mean it didn't feel awkward = ) I can't wait to see 'Drama Queen'... = )
Feb. 21st, 2004 07:11 pm (UTC)
this made me happy cry:)
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