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Sunday was a wet day, I decided to stay in all day. I made it my goal to not leave the house. I was doing very well, playing video games and organizing files on the computer while cleaning up the house a bit. Shortly after 8 pm I got a call from Tom, "get your digital camera, get a taxi come the Shrader and Beulah, some idiot just ran a stop sign and smashed the front of the car! Hurry get here as fast as you can!"

And my goals went out the window. I showed up in time to see the placement of the two cars, tom had swerved onto the wrong side of the street to avoid the guy but it wasn't enough to avoid the crash. At first glance it really didn't look that bad, broken headlights and banged up wheel wells. I paid the taxi and walked over to see Tom talking to the guy and Tom's boss taking pictures with Polaroid camera. Tom saw me a came walking over, " I can't be too mad, look at his car!" I looked at it, a blue bug, nothing registered. "It's the same car!" he said, but my face was still blank. "He was the guy who had the bumpers I wanted, remember, I left him a note and he called me... we talked for half an hour." I was glad to see Tom's Italian Temper was strangely not present. I was also very happy no one was hurt.

We finalize things and start to drive home. The car was a bit more banged up than I had originally thought from inside the cab, part of the inside wheel well had been ripped off and a lot of the front end of both cars were a bit misshapen. But at least it seemed to drive well... that is until we tried to turn left. A horrible clicking, child pulling a toy bubble-mower erupted from the right front tire. It seems it's not so drivable.

Tom latter told me how they guy seemed a bit weird. He asked Tom what color his car was. I could understand this if it was dark but the intersection was very brightly lit. he also couldn't read tom's information so Tom had to read it to him. The weirdest thing he said though was, "I thought I stopped!" to which Tom replied, "It doesn't matter if you stopped, you had a stop sign and I didn't, you were supposed to wait until it was clear." I kind of think the guy was drunk... coming from a gay supperbowl party. Looks like it's going to take over a month to fix. I'm glad we have AAA and don't have to pay for the rental car we are going to share.

Apparently the bright yellow paint and ultra bright lights aren't enough.


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Feb. 2nd, 2004 04:10 pm (UTC)
Ugh!! That sucks = ( I'm glad Tom is ok!!
Feb. 2nd, 2004 11:04 pm (UTC)
ah, i love that song. great cd, too. i love the living in oblivion series. shame they stopped making them!

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