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So my old boss called me the other day and offered me a job. His contracting business is doing really well and they just landed a contract to convert a company from PCs to Macs that is a year long contract. He asked if I wanted to come on and work for him, he could offer me 12 hours a week and a really great rate. my first question was what about benefits. He could offer me health insurance but at a lower rate. As tempting as it is I had to turn it down. I would overall make less money without the benefits. And even less with them. I need those allergy shots. It would have been cool to work with my old boss again and I also found out that he has been working with another Eric that I referred to him a few years ago. It makes me happy that two people I have enjoyed working with a different companies are now working happily together. That was by far the biggest pull


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Feb. 2nd, 2004 10:53 am (UTC)
a friend of mine recently was given a cat for his birthday and somehow the giftgiver forgot he's horribly allergic to animals in general. please tell me more about these shots so i can forward the information on to said friend...
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