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Fourth Gate Golden Surreal Park!

The Fourth of July. I am writing this again because the first time it was lost forever in a bizarre "you have made too many spelling errors" crash. Even computers pick on Dyslexics. This was a beautifully long entry before lets see how this one turns out. They say the second draft is usually better. So here we go.

On Thursday Dana, Lanny, and I decided to celebrate July 4th in Golden Gate Park's Sharon meadow. It was quite a surreal Experience. Here is how it started. Dana and I walk into the Meadow, Dana on the Phone With Lanny trying to figure out where he was. Lanny was sitting on his blanket watching us and giving us really bad clues for his own enjoyment. "I'm by the brown Poodle." There's no brown Poodle, I see a cute little brown Terrier but no Poodle. Eventually we find him by the brown Terrier who has been charming everyone with his energetic puppy walk. He raises his paws almost above his head and he does it so fast.

Lanny tells us that he won't let anyone pet him, Two marina girls picked him up and took him back to their blanket while there owner wasn't looking but as soon as they put him down he ran back to his owner. Apparently these same girls asked Lanny and Alexander a question when they had arrived; "Are you two Gay?" to no response. Poor Alexander should have fucked one of them right there... that would have been nice. Alexander arrives back from getting some stuff from the store and We all sit down and begin to eat our 4th of July lunch; Dolmas, Pita, humus, Falafel, salad, chips, and cookies. Lanny eats KFC as well, which might have been the trigger for the cute terrier puppy to join us instead of following his owner out of the park. He ran around us letting us pet him and shower him with love. His owner calling him to come, the little guy ignored him for at least ten minutes. Eventually We had given up on trying to get him to go to his owner and Lanny Picked him up and brought him back to his owner who shouted, "Put the dog down, he will come!" It's been ten minutes and there was no sign of him leaving at all, Excuse Lanny for trying to be nice. Some people are rude some people are stupid; too often those that are rude are also stupid.

After we finished eating it was time to people watch. This is where it gets surreal. A loud 50ish man arrives with two older ladies and sets up their blanket near ours. A few minutes latter a young 20's couple set up near them and the Loud man shouted to them. "Hey where are all the drummers? Is the Bakery Open?" then loudly the two ladies, "He the one who makes the 'Cookies!'" The young man walks over, they do there deal and the three 50ish people do their Pot cookies. Only in San Francisco would someone YELL out there order for drugs, the man was seriously yelling like it was a stage production without microphones in a large theater.

A few minutes latter the young drug dealer grabs his drum and begins to beat it while sitting on a bench nearby. A few minutes latter another drummer, then another and another join him. Behind the Drummers a large black man with a deep, deep voice sings what sounds to be Lou Reed songs to the beat of the drums. Behind him is a couple wearing Speedos, not pretty and not particularly warm either. It's nice weather but not Shorts weather and defiantly not swimwear let alone Speedo weather. A few more drummers arrive the circle is really beating now... when from out of nowhere arrives two more men, one with a flute and another with a harmonica. As they play an India Indian child runs past dragging a stunt/trick kite across the ground. His mother and father try to help him and his brother get it into the air but they can't seem to get it to go anywhere but right back on the ground. They continue to not go against the wind and keep pulling the stings at uneven levels causing it to nosedive.

Finally a strange Raver man about of 35 with Silver makeup, a top notch, HUGE Pink women's sunglasses from the 70's, a little backpack and cool little ankle cuffs like ones dancers would wear comes, to help the family get the kite into the air weather they want his help or not. As he is helping a little blond hared child picks up a dirt clot and nails the Raver man before running off to bang on some drums. The kite never gets in the air for more than 6 seconds but it does narrowly miss us at least three times. It turns out that the blond kid is there with the strange Raver man and they run across the field with big matching baby blue and pink paper parasols.

The Indian family leaves never to get there kite in the sky, Raver man and his boy leave to meet a friend for some brownies (Please let there be a non-special one for the boy) and the band played on as the Flutist and Harmonica player danced away. And so did we!