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So I've changed my journal up a bit, added some links and now have a featured friend which I will try to change every week or so. LiveJournal sure is great to allow you to easily change the whole look and feel of your page so quickly.

As promised to _kaiser_ here is the story of the first time I purchased condoms. I was just a young Monkey in my early 20s I had been dating my former boyfriend shamandl for about a month. We were at his place when things started to get a little hotter and we decided to finally go for the gold, but neither of us had condoms. I got dressed hopped in my car a drove down to the local 7-11. It really wasn't the best area of Orange County. I parked my car and walked past the hookers and bums, I walked straight to the counter and waited for my turn. I asked the clerk for whatever brand of condoms and a drunk man holding a case of beer behind me asked, "You gonna have sex?" I turned smiled and said "Yup! Sure am," and turned back to pay the clerk. The drunk wasn't quite finished with his questions though, "With a hook-ah?" he sort of screamed / asked with glee. The smile faded from my face and I turned back to the drunk and calmly said, "No," and walked back out to my car shaking my head. I drove back to D's house and had sex with my boyfriend for the first time.


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Jan. 30th, 2004 12:40 pm (UTC)
Looks great. WOuld you do mine next. All in Pink??? Please.
Jan. 30th, 2004 05:01 pm (UTC)
Since you are a paid member you can go from your user info page then manage/customize. You should change your style system to the new style system and then select a new pretty layout. Some of the layouts already come with an all pink option.
Jan. 31st, 2004 04:32 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing. my first box of condoms went unused... well... actually unbought... *ahem* when i was 16 and had just got my first car, i thought i'd impress my friends and drive to an isolated 7-11 to buy some condoms with them waiting in the car (yes, i was single, but it doesn't have to make sense, i was 16 for christ's sake!)... after looking at magazines for 10 minutes and perusing the candy isle for what seemed like ages (all making sure there was no one actually in the store), i made my move, and walked up to the counter. without looking up i asked the clerk for the condoms and as he was getting them i heard the beep of the door opening... i looked to see who it was and freaked out because it was one of my mom's friends. mumbling "nevermind" under my breathe, i walked as casually as i could to the door and left. my friends made fun of me for weeks... my mom's friend never said anything to me and i never even looked to see what the guy behind the counter was doing because i was so focused on getting out of the store.

to this day, i can't buy condoms in a convenience store, a grocery store or a drugstore without at least blushing...
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