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What a Weekend- high school memories, drag queens, and breakups.

Men reading fashion magazines, oh what a weekend I had. It was gluttonous. Two days of good food and good friends. Lanny and Chi showed up late Saturday night. Chi took off for her auditions early and wouldn't be seen again until Sunday. Lanny, Tom and I went Michelle to "Just for you" one of the yummiest brunch places in the city, and stuffed ourselves. During lunch it somehow came up that Tom didn't really like one of his coworkers very much, "you know the one that went to the same school as Monkey." "I...who?.. What?" I stammered, "Who?" I said a little bit clearer.
"Not Brad S******"
"Yeah, did you know him? Where you friends? Didn't I tell you before?
"No you didn't, I knew him really well," I said.
After a little talk Tom agreed to be a little nicer to him. I can't wait to see how he looks, I would have imagined him being a lawyer or accountant, not a record store worker. He was supper geeky in high school, way geekier than me.

We were so full all day, despite our walking around the ferry building and embarcadero for a few hours we were barely hungry when we went to Red's grill. Oh their burgers are just too good. I was taking a big bite, burger in my mouth when I heard a whisper in my ear... "I didn't know they let trash like you in here." I turned to see my beloved Extra-Gay-Jay! I was ecstatic to see him. I had no clue he had moved back from NY. It's such a nice change to have a friend move to SF rather than from it! I guess he's working at cliffs now. I have to stop by and see him. I guess it's time for a little more spice in my journal. Jay is bound to bring it. More weird things happen to when he is around. After Jay's going away party was when I ran into the drunk man who was shooting his gun into the air aw he walked down market. We ended our saturday at the lovely Twin Peaks. I love that the old man bar has a mp3 jukebox where you can download any song you want. We had to listen to a few songs by Rufus before we left.

On Sunday a big group of us went to brunch again, this time a Suppenküche, When we heard they had a special of banana nutella emperor pancakes a few of us stopped looking at the menu. They were so good. And because no meal this weekend was complete without some surprise, my ex Randy showed up and told me he and his 20 year old boyfriend had broken up. I did not gush, oh I'm so sorry, because I was elated. I did keep it toned down though.

Randy says he is happier than he has ever been, he definitely puts on a cheerful front, but I'm not so sure I believe it. I don't like that he is fighting with every family member he has except one aunt. Today I got an email from his mother. She doesn’t even know why he's not talking to her. This seems to be normal for him.

I had so much fun this weekend. I even pumped Lanny ( traylordean ) to try to start using his journal. He says once the office is redone, he should have internet access at home. He doesn't feel comfortable doing LJ at work. My fingers are crossed.
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