Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
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Two degrees away from Steve Burns

One of my coworkers came by my desk while I was at lunch yesterday and left me a note that said, "Hey Monkey, I need you help with a password. um, Why do you have Steve Burns on you desktop? PLEASE come see me- Ann"

When I got back I went to help her out. She was far more interested in why I had Steve's picture on my desktop. I told her I was a fan of his music but had never seen "Blues Clues." She started to laugh, "You know I used to work with Steve. I worked for Blues clues. I used to have a fun job." So today she brought in a CD she produced with Steve. It's kind of torturous because it is a kids CD... but Ann says next time he's in town doing a show we'll go together and she will introduce us!
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