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Answers to the poll

Drum roll please. mickeytor is the winner of the guessing game with the most correct guesses. He got four correct answers.

1. My last name is very similar to a certain dark beer. My ancestors were from Ireland. I just have gone to Germany a few times. Can I just say how much I love Miss SuperTan (supertanshemale) for saying Japan!

2. My first day at my first job I guided at Jerry Garcia backstage while working as concert security.

3. While it seams most of you are hoping I never had Flock of seagulls hair, I am sad to disappoint you. bluebooyah was the only one to get this one correct. My head has never been shaved all the way clean. To make matters worse I had the flock going on in the front and a mullet (sorry mickeytor) in the back. I was a new wave heshen... who had really really bad hair.

4. Most of you guessed I shared a bed with a veggie pierced Asian Texan and you were correct. But I also, photographed the tragic Save Ferris. Oh, by the way the miss 26 piercings made my parents so happy. I was sharing a bed with a girl, who cares if she has 26 peircings and is covered in tattoos, she can make babies! Her name is Yoko and she is the one who introduced me to Tom in a biker bar on her birthday. Sorry mom and dad, there was no baby making going on in that twin bed all those months. Thank god she is so little.

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