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I know it's already a week into the new year... I not one to be one time... I'm still deciding if i should send out my christmas cards... it would be funny at least. Anyway here's what happened to me in 2003

In Germany. I start off the New Year trying not get in a fight with the only person who can push my buttons like family, Matthias. The new year rings, I give him a hug and move to the other side of the room giving other people hugs and kisses, then go out to see the fireworks... Matthias leaves without saying goodbye. I am glad about this and only feel slightly guilty.
• Had sex with a hot army guy who seemed very military minded and kept
Trying to invade places where he wasn't wanted... I had no problem deflecting him but I was annoyed nonetheless.
• Got back into the states just in time for Tom's birthday.
• I decide to try to be more dynamic... because nobody was reading my journal.
• Saw Jimmy Mystery and Heather Graham at the prescreening of "the Guru" Jimmy is übber yum in his skull knit hat!
• I have dreams of inheriting children.
• I decide to start my own T-shirt business... something I still have done very little to make a reality.

• See "Love Liza" decide that this movie is more depressing than happiness. I mean... it has no dialogue only crying for the first five minutes of the movie.
• I get my 12" PowerBook... I am H.A.P.P.Y!
• I almost get jury duty... it seemed like a boring case anyway.
• Dana called upset because her surgery was postponed.

• I become obsessed with iMovie
• Practicing "Je Sui Canadian!" because it looks like we will be at war while I am in France. I leave for London and Paris. and get on a plane the day war is declared. The trip was fun check out the pictures.

• Find out that the reason my mom is so weak is she has yet another immunodefiency disease. She now has Polymyositis as well as Celiac. This explains why she has seemed so weak lately.
• Eammon reactivated by the marines and is sent to Kuwait.
• Schoolmate lost in Iraq but is found safe shortly after.
• Missed the Sigur Ros Concert...errg!
• Worried Dana is going to lose her job because of the merger. But the other person (Baracuda) says she is going to quit and find another job. But it turns out she got the job and Dana had to teach her how to do it... not that Baracuda paid attention. I rant on how much I hate this new woman.
• Easter is fun, I made basket for Tom, Lanny, Dana and Joanne! We have an Easter egg hunt but Dana wins by fining the egg hidden between Joanne's boobs!
• Nina Simone Dies
• My birthday-
Email from Matthias- I did not respond.
Phinny gets a call back on a Disney show.
Dana is told she has been laid off.
Loud downstairs neighbor is kicked out!


• Dana' last day... but she will be back
• Big fight with Tom but we work things out and we realize he needs to not feel responsible for me and I need to not let him do so much. the fight ended up being a good thing.
Quote: "No one likes to be told about about themselves"
• I find out my brother drinks Windex and my aunt tells my parents about my
sex life during mothers day dinner.
• I get locked in my house... Tom suggests we fix the door with duct tape.
• Dana is back as an Hr temp for two weeks yayness!
• Went to see Ghost of the Robot (James Marster "Spike") fun to look at but not to hear.
• Had way too much to drink with "Sharon" and was unable to make it to Cambria with Dana and Lanny because I was too hung over!

• Spent an hour on the Phone with Daryl who was having Major Drama with his boyfriend over money. It terrified me the lengths he had gone to without a phone call to me.
• Barracuda bitch tells me she would be glad to suck my bosses cock -- I start to spin around singing lalalalalala.... Pretty things, pretty things....
• My mom has a really bad fall and impales herself on a stool leg in the shower. I send her the Hairy Potter Books. She recovers pretty quickly.
• Heat wave... Disturbing quote: "Sorry, I have got to jump in the shower.
they don't have air-conditioning at work (Mitchell brothers theater-a strip
club). Do you have any idea what it smells like? I had to force cold water
down some old guys throat who got heat stroke while getting a lap dance."
• q_knox commits suicide but it thankfully was not true.

• I become a self-analyzing daytime TV Dr. and finally go to me... but not Monte Carlo.
• Daryl get a journal and actually uses it! My first So Cal friend to get a journal and really use it.
Quote "Kind of like when I would be running track in high school and was
lapped by the fast people. So far behind you are kind of in the lead."
• More troubles at work with the Barracuda woman who is trying to make me her friend.
• I go to my first Gay Wedding! I have a ton of fun and meet up with some old coworkers. before the wedding started though as Katie and I were walking down the aisle "here comes the bride started playing and song that really should not have played at all, let alone while Katie and I were trying to find our seats.
• Queer Eye for the Straight guy Premieres, I am not so sure I like it.
• Canada came out to me... I think he is joking with me. now it's time for him to tell Dana and my boss, Dana becomes very upset and yells at Canada "No, No! No. You are one of the three straight guys that are my friends... Steve (my boss) do you have something to tell me?"
• Lunch with my Ex, phone call from my mom, she is clearly beginning to lose her mind. I spend what seems to be forever trying to calm her down and listening to her cry.
• A few days latter I talk to her on the phone, she is constantly repeating herself. after quite a while she says, "Oh, You're my son? Which one are you?" My aunt Lex latter says to me that it will be hard this Christmas without my mother. I almost break down and cry in Target.
• My mom is finally hospitalized. she believe my father is a clone and everyone is trying to kill her. She yells at her baby dog thinking her viscous. It takes six firefighters to get her into the ambulance. After she is
taken away Blaze (my mom's dog) is so upset she throws up and latter destroys all her toys.
• Turns out the my mom was on two medications that did not play well with each other. and dehydrated her brain. A few bags of IV solution and she is sane again.
• The Barracuda gets our day porter fired.
• Problems with Veritas Backup Exec Begin... and will last thought December and even January...

• Papa Was A Rodeo takes its place in my mind and heart.
• I finally get a chance to visit my mom. Mom is still manic and has almost no Short-term memory. She has my dad paint a room green before I arrive, it's so awful my dad and I paint it yellow.
• Barracuda cries at work again and goes home early.
• Rupal moves to DC. It's now official, all my confidants in the office are now gone.
• I have my first LJ meet with desidono. We have a blast at the
Steve Burns show!
• Still battling the medical bills I racked up in 2001 when I thought I had insurance because I was paying for it but the money I was paying wasn't getting to the insurance company. I hate Bob Bernard... He is evil.
• Dana is going to move to Valencia. I am crushed.

• I finally answer roosterbear's Questions and focus on making
things work even better with Tom... And we do work much better now!
• I get my first spray tan and love it. I actually look healthy when I go to see Eddie Izzard.

"I feel a strange pull or inertia on my body, I think it's called booze."-My
former housemate Kim

• Great subject title: "cereal dreams of white trash normality"
• I help Dana move her stuff down to Valencia and surprise Kevin by showing
up to his birthday beach party.
• My obsession with Steve Burns is starting to get out of control... and I
think I like it.
• I see elephantitus of the nuts at the Folsom street fair ... and of course take pictures for all my LJ amigos.

• Tom goes with Michelle to London,Arnold wins CA governorship and Dave and the Tony's and I go out for a fun time bar hopping.
• HR lady starts to screw with the IT department.
• There's a really bad accident in front of my house. Gas leaks down market
• I have to take Tom to the emergency room. He had Bacterial Gastro-Enteritis.
• I am rejected by someone who unknowingly had helped me in the past with my agoraphobia. It really makes me sad, because I really wanted to let him know how much he had helped me.
• I give my first poll. it make me happy so many people take my poll!
• I move into my new office on the 2nd floor and order a bunch of porn!

• Finally met with knowyermonkey. She totally rocks! redariuscalled into active duty right after Eammon gets back from Iraq
• Fights with my boss and Tom. But Tom and I make up and get closer than ever. My boss and I are pretty cool now too.
• We get a new Washing Machine, Wahoooo!
• Danni moves back to Paris.
• Thanksgiving with my parents and meet a girl who flies the Stealth Bomber.

• Tom accidentally threatens to use his mafia ties to put a woman in the
• Try to meet up with shane but am held hostage and starved in
Culver City.
• My LJ access is shut off in my office.


I end the year having dinner with Tom, Michelle, Joe and Canada as well as some other people... including this drunk girl who falls off her chair and continues to talk for twenty minutes about how she should get her meal free or sue. I'm sure the half a bottle of Kettle one had nothing to do with her falling out of the chair. We then went to our fiend Katie's place in Oakland for Katie's champagne juice punch... yum! Two guys brought this girl Basha and then totally ignored her. We were more than happy to hang with her until midnight. We had some $100 champagne at the end of the year... and that stuff is just nasty. We started the new year with Sparklers, hugs and watching six year olds scatter after launching professional grade fireworks.


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Jan. 7th, 2004 01:21 am (UTC)
Jan. 7th, 2004 05:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I can't say it's been a boring year.
Jan. 7th, 2004 08:10 am (UTC)
I Really Like Reading Your Journal
I like the way you talk about feelings and your emotional life. I identify with much of it. It helps me a lot in coming to terms with my own process.
Jan. 7th, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
Re: I Really Like Reading Your Journal
Thank you! I am truly addicted to LJ. I have found that it is a very useful tool in understanding myself. I definitely see similarities between our journals. We both tend to work things out with our fingers. I'm very glad to have you reading my journal. Thank you!
Jan. 7th, 2004 08:30 am (UTC)
I'm reminded of Victor's scene in The Rules of Attraction, don't ask me why.
Jan. 7th, 2004 05:05 pm (UTC)
I still haven't seen that movie. I will have to remember to check it out.
Jan. 7th, 2004 07:55 pm (UTC)
aw..i love that you included me on yer list!
and hey!! i recognize that car!!!
Jan. 8th, 2004 01:11 am (UTC)
Aw, shucks. I'm just a boring example of everybody else.
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