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fast weekend

I've been a busy boy the last few days. I went to a show my friends show. It was great! All three bands were really good. During the Rocket Queens set Something began to melt and stink up the place. Kim and I had to move away from the front because we were getting High on the fumes. You can check out the pictures here:


On Saturday I decided I was looking too scraggly and needed to be shorn. So I pulled out my clippers and went to work. I had done a really nice job and was looking good. I jumped in the shower and washed off all the hair and got dresses. This was when I noticed I had missed a spot on the back of my head, So I pull out the clippers again and try to remember what setting I had used; two or three. So I try the three first since it's the longer one and it doesn't seem right so I start to change to the two and then think, Maybe I should make sure I didn't just miss the area with the three so I try again. Lots of noise is made and a dumpster truck of hair falls to the floor. My heart stops, I didn't, no god Please say I didn't. I had not put back on the three, I had not put on the two, I had used no guard at all. I used a Zero! Eyes closed the decision is made, I will shave my head except for my trademark spike and lets add a little Mohawk. After it was all done, after the second shower the appraisal in the mirror, I am thinking the reflection does not look like me. He is a Thug and a hood. I kind of like it. Little did I know how much this haircut turns heads. I went out with Dana for Pink Saturday to watch the Dyke March and had lots of fun watching the boys who have always ignored me actually notice me. Plus I have since gotten several comment that have been quite nice. The most interesting one so far has been from my Coworker Ann, who said I shouldn't wear my dark blue and white jacket anymore. "It makes you look like a holocaust victim." Now that is a Fashion statement. I'm not sure yet if I will continue to wear the jacket for the next few days or not.

On Sunday I had breakfast with Tom, Dana (who spent the night) and Lanny as we watched the parade on TV. The parade needs more floats! that said after the Parade we went down to Civic Center to see the concert and check out the booths and people. Lots of booths hawking crap and food , lots of cute people to look at, quite a few interesting and shocking people to watch (one of my favorites was a man in a rainbow Speedo and multi color rainbow hat that appeared above my head gyrating. it was really quite frightening. He was on the barrel I was sitting next to and I thought he was going to fall on me the way his stuff was swinging all around. The music was fun, Dead or Alive was really good and had the crowd moving. Mark Almond was great, It was too bad his spot was so short. As we were leaving we ran into Rude Eric, I miss that little bastard. Note to self, call the rude boy and hang.

I will try to post a few pic's soon!