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Allergy appointment today

I finnaly have a real allergy appointment. I set up an appointment three months ago, had to wait a month go in for a waste of time, then wait a week before making another appointment for a month latter; Today! The test takes over two hours and will finally tell me what causes my brain to ooze from my nose. I am looking forward to eleminating whatever it is from my envirnement!

On another note, Last night I was reading some mail and not paying much attention to the TV when I heard a familiar voice. Thank God for PVR (Satelite Version of TIVO) I rewound real quick and watched my freind Kirsten's IBM commercial a few times. It was great although something was going on with the camera or the outfit she was wearing because she did not look her normal size at all. The commercail seemed to add quite a bit of wait to her. What commercail is it you may ask. who is she in the commercial. the commercial is about a corporate meeting with a hip hop group to get them to record a song to get people to like the company. Kirsten is the girl on the left who talks. The poor girl on the right seems to have had all of her lines cut. there are supposed to be three more commecials but who knows if they will air or not. I'm just glad kirsten is makeing some GOOD money. Be on the lookout for her commercial!
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