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Girls will be Girls!

Went to see Girls will be girls last night, the theatre was packed... there were seven of us at the 9:15 showing. The movie was campy colorful fun. There were tons of great lines. I think my favorite was...

Evie: "I know, my looks may be going but..."
Coco: "Going, honey your looks have gone home and went to bed!"

The opening credits were great, I felt like I was watching wonder woman meets the Powerslut girls. As long as you go to the movie expecting it to be very silly you will love it. Tom says he is going to be naked Evie for Halloween next year. that is going to be a hard costume to make.

In other news. I bought the ability to have more userpics. So I will slowly be adding some, like this one of my favorite performer at Aunt Charlie's bar in the Tenderloin, Miss Vickey! once you see her perform you will be forced to join her fan club. She really has had an amazing life, I would love to read her LiveJournal!


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Nov. 5th, 2003 12:57 pm (UTC)
One of my friends saw that over the weekend - He LOVED it!!
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