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Calm down, just remember to breathe

We've all had those days before, the ones where nothing goes right. where each turn you make leads you further away from your goal. the past few day have been like this for me.

On Thursday one of my users was having email problems. she had somehow manage to accumulate 4GBs of email and gone over the limit that Microsoft Entourage will allow. Of course she did not get a warning of course it corrupted her email. I was able to get her back up an running. Late Friday we notice that a huge chunk of her email was missing. I had used the great utility to get back another users email so I copied her database file onto my Mac so I could retrieve her email without affecting her ability to do her job.

I had upgraded to the new version of OS X and the utility I needed to use wouldn't register... it only worked on the old version. So on Monday I pulled out a laptop that I had extra because the Male Primadonna who it had belonged to wanted a machine with a DVD burner in it. There was no business need for him to have it but he made such a stink that the powers that be gave it to him and I had to build another machine for him. He constantly make more work for me. So I decided to use his old machine to extract all of this poor girls lost email (yes, I think she has too much, I don't think I ever had one gig of mail.)

I got it up and running, It had been running for about 6 hours when I left and was almost halfway done. I went home and began to upgrade Lanny's iMac to OSX. he has an old one so I decided to wipe everything and then reinstall only the OSX version. It did not go well. I had trouble finding all the installers I needed and I couldn't get to my software library because my Boss had shut off sharing on the machine I was hosting it on. Finally I was able to load most of the software Lanny needed which really wasn't that much. The whole process took far too long for being so little. I went to bed to get some well earned rest.

When I got into work the next morning, this morning, the first thing I did was check on how the email recovery went. It was gone. Not only was the recovery gone, but so was everything. The files I was working from were gone, the utilities I was using were gone. Everything was gone! That's when I noticed that the desktop was much emptier than it was yesterday. I checked how much disk space was available and I knew what had happened. There was five times more space available than there was last night. The Male Primadonna had saw I was using his machine and decided to wipe everything off of it with out checking with what I was doing.

I marched over to his desk with Steam coming out of skull. "Did you log onto your old machine and delete a whole bunch of files?"

"Yah, I did, I saw it and wanted my files deleted. What I want to know is why were YOU trying to recover MY emails!?!"

This is where I lost it and it all sort of becomes a blur. I became very loud and made a huge scene. I know I said "I Wasn't trying to recover your emails, I was trying to recover (4GB girls) email, and now it's all gone! over a whole days worth of work is now gone. I really wish you would have bothered to ask me before..." I don't really remember what else I said but I guess I really caused a scene because 4GB girl came over and said, "don't have a panic attack, just breathe, it's OK, don't stress over me. It's ok." I thanked her and told her I would start working on it again and it would be a few more days. The Male Primadonna did not say sorry, did not say anything. I hope he steers clear of me until he give me an apology for creating so much more work for me. Anyone else in this office would have asked before they went crazy deleting files and quitting programs.

Ahhh, I feel better now that I got that all out.


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Nov. 4th, 2003 09:20 pm (UTC)
Kill the primadonna.

I won't tell anyone.

It's justified.
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