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My Poll thanks you!

Thanks to everybody who took my poll! It looks like the majority out there wish they were famous artist who could take their friends and family on vacation, could fly, are lusty and value honest in friendship. I love that there was a tie for the sin immunity between sloth and Telemarketers. They truly are the most deadly evil. With two votes each the winners for the high speed train are SF <--> NY and SF<--> London. Damn, I'll still have to fly to LA!

bluebooyah nearly matched all of my answers... strangely he also got 102% on the compatibility Meme under another name. hmmmm...

traylordean Trailer trash that he is said this of the Lottery question:

"I would do all of the choices pretty much in that order. First I would disappear. Then my friends and family would get a package with plane tickets and very vague instructions. I would buy everything I wanted on the vacation, then when I came back I would quit and telling people off... but I wouldn't join a cut, I would START ONE!"

I love it!