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The dangers of Market Street

As I was typing away and finishing my last entry. I was looking for some artwork to spice it up a bit, I came across a picture I never thought I would see again. I took some amazing pictures of Oscar who died a little over a year ago. His parents came and took the negatives because they were in his room. i had only loaned them to him but seeing as his parents no longer have him i couldn't bring myself to ask for them back. I felt awkward over the whole situation. I was just so proud of the photos. But how could I even ask for them, even just to borrow them. "Hi this Oscar's friend Monkey, how are you and can I borrow some negatives of your dead son?"

When I came across the file my heart began to race when I went to open the picture as if to punctuate my sentence with a sound effect,
there was a huge car crash.

There is a crash in front of my place a least once a month. The speed limit is 35 miles an hour, but nobody goes under 50. THey fly through as if they are on a freeway, I'm used to the accidents after four years. This one however was big. I heard the screech and waited for the crash. I ran to the window. It was pretty bad. Even though the skid seemed to last some time the little car had managed to completely destroy the parked Van it hit. The back tire was completely removed from the rest of the van. Gas was leaking down the street and flowing in a river of potential fire down Market.

Yet another call to 911. The residents of this area are so good in these situations. While Tom and I were on the phone with 911 people from the other side of the divider were helping the drive and trying to direct people away from the gasoline river. It amazes me how many people tried to go through the mess towards the accident rather than take the most minor detour you could even imagine. The woman driving was eventually taken away in the ambulance and seemed to be in relatively good condition unlike the cars. The Van is being towed away and all that remains of the emergency crew is the one police officer direction the two tow trucks.

Oscar was always good at making an entrance.
I miss you Oscar!