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So yesterday was my bosses birthday. I took him out to pizza for lunch at Bowser's pizza below Kelly's Ridge Rock Cafe. They have the best pizza in the city. we ordered the Bow-wow which was only OK, the FIVE cheese pizza is amazing. We should have ordered the five cheese pizza.

After work, I drove to the polls, voted no on the recall no on the props and for Bustamante. I then ran home and did a little cleaning before I got a call from Jason. Jay and I tanned at Sorrento Sun Center. Every time I go there I see the hottest guys. Last nights hottie had the most cool fucked up hair. he had a weird spider-web-triangle-kalidascope pattern shaved into he head. I think he was in a rush to get a tan because he was going to be shooting a porn. I am going to be keeping my eyes peeled for that one. So this time I went for a three, so I am DARK! Whaahooo!

After Jason and I got our tan on we went for all you can eat tacos and had a margarita as well. At this point I have to say, all you can eat tacos are not good tacos. After food we went to the Metro and the barback made me a coconut rum and coke- without the rum! I wonder why he is only a barback? after a couple of drinks with Rum, we gave my boss a call to see if we could get him to join us for a few drinks... and surprisingly he did. He and his sister had been out to dinner and agreed to meet us at Movado.

While in-route to Movado we meet up with Joe, Jason's boyfriend and I got a call from Miss Dana. She wanted to know what time Lanny got back from Portland, I told her tomorrow sometime. Her reply was, "uh,oh."
"Well "Cee" and I are coming up and were going to spend the night at his place."
"Uh, duh, you can stay at my place."
"but we haven't even left yet we're still in LA and it's 10"
I pretty much said well I'm having fun drinking I'll see you when you get here.

We met up with my boss and his sister Janice. Oh, I found out Puffy and Ami were in "Lost in Translation" After a few Sangrias we sent the straights home while us gay boys went off to The Bar on Castro. A few more drinks there before we headed back to my place to meet Dana and Cee. They arrived around two. Cee went right to bed, while the rest of us stayed up talking for a while.

I had to wake up at a little after seven to wake up Cee so she could take care of business. She came up to pretty much force a friend of hers to file a restraining order and report on her boyfriend who beat her up and caused her to miscarry. I really hope this girl realizes how important it is to keep this asshole away from her. beside the death of her unborn twins and damage to her wound body and soul... her friends drove 400 miles to get her out of this mess. I have a feeling she is going to jump right back in a few weeks from now.

Off to work I went, but I got to meet up with the girls and the boys again for lunch today. Sushi at Lanny's work. It was really nice to get to see Dana and Cee before they headed back down south. I'm tired, but I feel so happy right now. Good times with friends, that is far more refreshing than sleep. But I bet I will sleep well tonight.


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Oct. 9th, 2003 02:43 pm (UTC)
Is "barback" the new term for bartender?
Oct. 9th, 2003 02:50 pm (UTC)
No the barback is the guy who helps the bartender. He is normally not supposed to mix drinks. He is there to pour beers, clean glasses, chill martini glasses, restock the alcohol, ect.
Oct. 9th, 2003 02:52 pm (UTC)
Cool. That's quite a risque name for a slightly tedious sounding job. Now I want to find one so that I can say I've had barback sex. But alas, I must remember my oath. :P
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