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Political Hopscotch

I'm so tired of business political BS. I just want to come in do my time, go home and get my paycheck. My company (we'll call us Somebody Inc.) bought another company (Rotten-Sushi) and since rotten-sushi was SF based they moved into our oversized office and outnumbered the Somebody Inc. people. they also had higher titles so became the power of the office.

Before the merger last December we were all a family with no backstabbing or political agendas, now there is so much blood on the floor and too many people with ass breath. I shouldn't feel like I need to censor myself at work. I didn't when I worked at an investment back, why should I at an advertising/technology company? Why should I have to strap a little metal plate to my back to keep my blood from spilling? It's nasty, I do my best to ignore it, I've worked in these environments before, I'm just tired of it.

I've written way too many times about how The two companies mix like oil and water. On Monday we will be changing the name of our company from Somebody Inc. to Somebody.Rotten-Sushi. I am furious. I don't want their failed company's name. I also don't like the fact that I have to change the reply to address in all the Mac users email configurations. the company is spending a ton of money trying to get employees to embrace the new brand, I don't want anything to do with it. I don't want their mugs, pens, post-its, or any other crap with the new logo emblazoned upon it. In fact I feel like burning it, smashing it and trashing it.

But alas I know I have to put on a pretty face and feign non-hatred. I wonder what would happen if I threw a fit. My boss wouldn't care. I wonder if the rotten sushi of power in this office would be able to touch me. None of them have ever registered my existence, besides I'm corporate. I don't report to any of them. What do you think, should I stir the pot of trouble or just sneer in the shadows?


Sep. 29th, 2003 01:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Office Politics
Your situation sounds similar to what we are going through with this company. We are an office with west coast branches in Oakland, Century City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and through a merger now have other offices in New York, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Newark, Falls Church et al Well the whole family situation changed with us as we now had different parents to answer to so to speak and all the rules kept on gradually changing till you noticed the company was far different then when you 1st joined. I also know that this is part of what they call "change" and I dont have to like it and so I deal with it. It seems no matter where you go there will be these politics you must encounter.
Hang in there!