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to LA and back again

Nearly the end of the year, summer is fading into fall. My trip to LA was quick and enjoyable with drama around the edges. The drive down and back was really nice. We listened to music on my iPod. We listened to a very odd mix of music: Steve Burns, Keoki, Lewis Taylor, Hole, Janes Addiction, Jeff Buckley and Badly Drawn Boy. There was almost no traffic, we cruised at about 85MPH most of the way.

When we got to Celia’s house around midnight we just hung out for a while with the Valencia contingent. Spent the night in the “Pool house” (So Posh) and then went to breakfast at the the lovely Mimi’s café before heading down to Huntington beach to surprise everyone else. Kevin was celebrating his birthday but nobody knew I was coming down. So I just showed up and watched the confused smiles spread across people’s faces as they they squinted against the setting sun. It was very fun. I watched the sunset with Wendi and Trevor right before I watched the two of them get soaked by a rouges wave they weren’t expecting as they waded ankle deep in the nasty ocean.

Someone had brought a tent which I quickly dubbed “The Garden.” There is no alcohol permitted on the beach so of course “The Garden” was full of it. When we started to get low on wood is when things started to go, um, a bit crazy. The kids at the pit next to us had brought almost a whole house of wood. They were young. I kept calling a set of them In Sync. One of them really did look like a spiky-haired Justin Timberlake and I kept teasing my friend James about going to jail for staring. He said he only needed a few minutes.

Brent who had put himself in charge of the fire, asked Melanie to flirt us up some firewood from the neighboring boys. Next thing I know are fire is going strong and I see some 15 year old girl pouring herself some Juice from our table. I wasn’t sure but with this group I could only imagine what was in that juice. I ask of nobody in particular, “what’s going on?” Several people around me turn to see what I am looking at. And I hear Wendi say, “Oh this is bad.” Our campground had been overrun by the 15 and 16 year olds who drank all of the punch. I guess a fair trade for the wood as long as none of us ended up in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. As far as I could tell none of the kids ventured into the Garden for the hard stuff, thank goddess.

As the time rolled on people appeared and disappeared, Wendi got drunker and drunker and then she and Jannie and Amy went off to have the “why did you hate me so much/I didn’t hate you!” conversation for about two hours. I had fun hanging out with Jannie’s confused new boyfriend talking about music and trying to explain why his girlfriend had abandoned him at a party where he really didn’t know anyone. He’s a pretty relaxed and cool guy.

After the beach closed most of us went to Egypt- oh wait I mean Tustin, I think, somewhere off the 55 and 91. It was far behind the orange curtain. I was really worried because my passport expired a few months ago. Luckily I got out without incident.

I spent Sunday with my folks and my totally cool lesbian Aunts for yet more BBQ. I am officially BBQed out. Went back up to Valencia that night and was off back to SF on Monday morning. More good music on the way back and Lanny and I talked about our answers to the questions in the “All about me book.” the drive really went by fast. It was a good trip. Short but good.