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How bazar is this, I have heard from TWO Ex's today that I haven't heard from in Months!

Dave called arround 8:30 this morning to tell me about Baby names he and his fiance are coming up with. they have some really good boy names but they are a little weak on the girl names. My favorite disater name she had come up with was Betty Joe, or once she get to High School BJ; and no they don't live in the backwoods. i have to admit that it is quite wierd to have an Ex switch teams on you, But I am very happy for him. A lot of his friends have turned their backs on him, I think it's because so they only understand lust not love.

Jared called me a few minutes ago, he wanted my new address so he could send me some clothes that he designed. His clothes are absolutely amazing. some of them are so wrong they drive me mad! He has come into some trouble with people taking advantage of him. I hope he gets some true freinds that will protect him for me. I also hope that he will come and visit Tom and I someday, he lives in LA. I sudgested to him that he makes a sweater for babies that has giant fuzzy balls all over it. He said that would be too much, he would have to eat the baby! Hee Hee.

I really miss both of those boys, we were not right for each other but we make for great friends. I wish they both lived closer so I could spend more time with them. Maybe I will call another Ex today. I've been trying to email daryl for weeks but they always bounce from his different account. I've just been to lame to call. Whenever we talk on the phone it's an hour latter when I hang up. Today's theme seems to be Ex'x and Babies. Tom and I were woke up this morning by his friend Evie in London. She just had a little boy 5 days ago names Iggnacio Blue; is that a rockstar name or what. He can be the next big Iggy!