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Back from LA

Had fun down in LA. I will write about it when I get a chance. It's been way too busy today. No chance to do anything but catch up. Did this little thing last night. I love music. I love the way it can amplify or alter your mood and emotions. No wonder I spent so many years working for nothing at Tower Records.

Polling Time
Name a song that...

...that reminds you of an ex: Lover you should've come over- Jeff Buckley
...that makes you cry: Without you- Reel Big Fish - unpublished
...that reminds you of your childhood: Video killed the Radio Star-
...that reminds you of high school: Waiting for the night to fall- Depeche Mode
...that mirrors you too closely: Extreme ways - Moby
...that makes you laugh: Teen Titans - Puffy
...that will always get you up to dance: Army of me - Bjork
...that you used to hate, but now love: Luka - Suzanne Vega
...that you love but wouldn't know of if it weren't for a friend: Svefn-g-englar - Sigur Rós
...that you like from your parent's collection: Red red wine - Neil Diamond
...that makes you think of sex: Luckey - Lewis Taylor
...that is your anthem: Wish - Run Lola Run
...that is your ultimate love song: Papa was a rodeo - Magnetic fields
...that reminds you of something nasty: closer - NIN
...that reminds you of a break-up: Apart - Cure
...that makes you think of your best friend: Twice as hard - Black Crows
...that is held between you and a friend: Liad - James
...that would be your choice for a national anthem: Allyah - Try again
...that changed your life in some pragmatic way: Don't let me be misunderstood- Nina Simone


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Sep. 23rd, 2003 08:25 pm (UTC)
extreme ways was my ex-theme song! that's a great fucking song.
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