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Two tons of fun

I had two tons of fun this evening. I went out drinking with Tom, Lanny and met up with my friend Jason and his first boyfriend Joe tonight. Jason came out to me about two months ago I think. Joe and Jay are so cute together. It's hard to believe that Jason and I have never talked about relationships before tonight. I also can't believe that he has only been out of the closet for less than a year and has slept with as many men as I have. Color me virgin. Then again it not like I haven't been called a prude before, I like to think of it a cautious. Although I'm sure there are other people who would call me a slut. I guess it just goes to show that anyone can see the story they want to see, in anyone they want to see it in.

I need to go out with Jason more. I always have so much fun when we hang out, even before I knew he was gay. Now that Dana is gone and Lanny is leaving I'm not going to have many close friend in the city. I've let my circle shrink and shrink, it's time to ope it up a bit. Watch out Stace, I'm planning on calling you. I can see you and me at the Lexington in the future!