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cereal dreams of white trash normality

I don't normally remember my dreams. Lately I have been waking up thinking, "What the hell was that all about?" one of the more interesting dreams I've had recently involve me having a girlfriend. I don't think I've ever dreamed I had a girlfriend. I was meeting her family- her whole extended family. I had already met a couple of her many brothers and sisters and got along well enough with them. However the rest of her family really made me uncomfortable. They were serious white trash. So of course who is friends with my girlfriend and at the gathering? Why John Waters and Ricki Lake of course. Ricki had just enough time to tell me about an upcoming move before I woke up. "We're filming the sequel to Serial mom. I'm really excited because I get to play a new kind of role if you know what I mean." I would so love to see a movie with Ricki Lake as a serial killer. Who wouldn't want to see Ricki covered in fake blood?