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Death is an old man

On the way to work today I was having semi morbid thought. I was thinking that at any moment I could stop to let a pedestrian cross and then when I went to go again be creamed by a big rig ending my life. It really is beyond your control or knowledge. you could go at anytime. I continued my drive and began to think about happier things.

As I approached a stop sign I slowed for a woman who was Jay-Walking She didn't seem to notice I was slowing for her so I continued to wait for my turn to go through the intersection. When It was my turn I began my left turn, but I had to quickly slam on my breaks. Some Crazy old man in a huge 80's Oldsmobile was running the stop sign, on the wrong side of the street- going around the cars waiting for their turns. He was on his cell phone and hunched over the steering wheel and gave me no notice that anything happened as he sped through the intersection at well above the speed limit, he never even slowed down at the threat of imminent crash. I doubt he heard me yell "What the Fuck are you doing!" The crazy old bastard was probably deaf. How he lived to be so old and stupid, one can only guess lady luck is sitting on his shoulder. Good thing I was in slowmo pre caffeine mode!