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Why won't you just die already!

My old company (chRISTFarm- anagram) is still leaching the life out of me from beyond the grave. I got a medical bill for $2700 for unpaid medical bills from the beginning of 2001. I was paying for medical insurence but my company was not paing for the insurence, thus I did not have insurence. the bills kept bouncing arround and about a year ago I paid a small portion and I though it had gne away. Wrong. but they could cut me a pretty good deal. $250. I could be mad at the billing department for waiting so long to inform me that I didn't have insurence but I would have still had to go see the doctor when I necisary. The real evil was done by my company who took money out of my checks for medical that they didn't pay for. so I am not only out what I had to pay becasue they didn't but I also got charged by them to not have medical. Make sence. As terrible as it is, I hope the CEO Mr. Bob's life is full of pain and suffering, but last I heard he sold one of his houses on the west coast for a few million and was starting a new company. He is evil. I really feel bad for other people who got it much worse, my friend Brian had brain surgery but I believe he had the sence to sue the company because his bill got bounced on the spot.