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Bitch Troll from Hell.

My first day at my current job, I had quit my old job at an investment bank earlier that day. I had interviewed with an Mac Tech agency and they said they had a few jobs lined up for me. The first one was a one day job, then they had a job for the next week that might last two weeks. They were confident that they could keep me working at least four days a week for quite some time. The internet boom was in full swing.

My first day, I helped out with moving people from one office to another, nothing difficult at all. But as luck would have it one of the IT guys quit that day, so I was asked if I could come back next week. I did and have been since may of '99. It's been an interesting trip to say the least. We went from a company with around a hundred people to having tens of thousands of employees, mergers upon mergers, we were one of the largest internet companies yet no one new what we did. Not even me. When asked what my company did my usual response was, "Well my office does the print production for Apple." We didn't do the same internet crap the other offices did. It really didn't come as a surprise when we went bankrupt.

When we went bankrupt we were bought by another smaller smarter company and our huge company once more became a company of about a hundred people. We've grown again, although we are probably not too close to a thousand people. I've gone through so many changes with the company, hell I've been let go twice. But when were bought by the smaller smarter company I began to feel like the company was beginning to be run well. They didn't spend money extravagantly, they respected employees, and they moved slowly. Then they made what I feel was a huge mistake. They merged with what I will call EvilCompany.

I have been through over ten mergers but I have never felt the culture clash that EvilCompany has brought. Not to be one who lump everyone together but there does seem to be a template that was used to see who worked for EvilCompany. This seems to be the key ingredients: short, white, male, ass kisser, Self Centered, back stabbing and ignorant. Nepotism is rampant. I feel like I am in so political murder movie.

When I first moved to the office 3 years ago, one of the first people I met was a lovely woman named Maria, She cleaned our office everyday. She spoke almost no English, She would say Hello and thank you, and that was about it. I've really gotten to know her over the years, met her husband, knew where she wanted to go for her vacations. She is the nicest person in the building and by far the hardest worker who never complains. I love her.

She was fired today. She had to go down to LA for a family medical emergency and she was fired because the Crazy Lady who will henceforth be called Heartless Barracuda Liar complaining to Maria's company. She told the receptionist and I that she had no idea why she was fired but she had a fax sent to her about hiring a new day porter yesterday.

When the HBL took over Dana's job she felt the need to take over as Dana like Single White Female or something. She wanted to be my best friend, she wanted to be close with the receptionist and Maria, have her nails done by the security guard, go to lunch with my boss and I. She tried to pushed her way into all of these spots she decided she wanted to be in. She got her nails done but that was as far as she got. The security guard didn't like how pushy HBL was and felt it was time to get a better job. The receptionist, my boss and I tried our best to keep her at a comfortable distance. I was friendly enough but my boss and receptionist were not.

You could tell that HBL was jealous of the relationship between Maria and the receptionist. I have never hear a single complaint from or about Maria. A couple of weeks ago, Maria came in smoke was rising from her hair. She came over to talk to HBL. She wanted to know why she had been complaining about her to her boss. Why she had not talked to her, why she expected her to do things that were not part of her job, especially without being asked. The HBL main complaint was that Maria did not clean everyday the front outside of the building. We are one of many offices in the building and it is the buildings janitor's job to do this not Maria's. HBL couldn't seem to wrap her mind around this concept. I cannot believe that someone so inept was able to steal Dana's job. It upsetting that she is slowly getting rid of all the good people who work here. I think she looks for integrity and then works her hardest to get rid of it.

Now when my eyes fall upon her I wonder if she notices that they have been replaced with Daggers. I am a little fearful of what might happen the next time she dares to speak to me. I might just tell her what I think. And since the evil HR person is her best friend, it would not be a good thing.



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Aug. 23rd, 2003 03:06 am (UTC)
ugh ..
stuff like this always really gets me. it's like .. why do the people who do the least harm generally end up suffering at the hands of people who only do harm?

and if the evil HR person is her friend, then she probably did all the paperwork right and Maria has no recourse. :(
Aug. 23rd, 2003 11:34 am (UTC)
Re: ugh ..
Yup and any complaints about HBL to HR fall upon almost deaf ears. I feel as if I went to complain about anything that the HBL does to HR I would become the next target of the duo. I just can't believe they got rid of such a tremendous employee.
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