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So my friend and coworker Rupal is transferring to the DC office and today is her last day in our office, so last night we went out with her. We wanted to go to Ananda Fuara the premiere Vegetarian Restaurant in the city but like all of my previous attempts they were not open. They tend to close early, so we decided to arrive very early. Unfortunately they are closed on Wednesdays! So we quickly changed plans and decided to go to Golden Era another highly held Vegetarian restaurant. Tom had told me to have a big lunch in case I didn't like the food. I was pretty sure I would find something I would like. Little did we know... Golden Era was so incredibly good. I looked at the menu and was confused until I read the fine print.

We ordered Ginger chicken, Salmon Teriyaki, Lemon chicken and Ro Ti chicken. That is *Soy* Chicken and *Soy* Salmon. I really wasn't expecting any dishes I would recognize on the menu. And yet it all looked familiar. Rupal was very excited about the menu. I'm really surprised she had never been here before. The food was so incredibly good. The lemon chicken was just like real lemon chicken and it was perfect, not too sweet. The Salmon teriyaki was better than any Salmon Teri I have ever had. The Ginger chicken was also quite good but I was not a real fan of the Ro Ti chicken.

Lanny gave Rupal a farewell present of travel hair care product. Perfect for the girl who's bathroom is filled with more product that a sorority house. She had two hole boxes of Shampoo and conditioners boxed up and shipped to her new home.

After Dinner Tom, Rupal and I headed to Beach Blanket Babylon (http://www.beachblanketbabylon.com/ ) and got opening act rock star parking. I had drank quite a bit of water at Golden Era so I really had to pee. Once we finally got in and found our seats I ran back to the bathroom. We were in the Balcony and there is only one single unisex toilet. And there was two little old slow moving ladies in front of me, besides the little old lady already inside. The light came down. The show was starting. I figured since there I was only one old lady down after several minutes of waiting I would just hold it. The show was 90 minutes long with no intermission.

I found my seat and enjoyed the show. It was hilarious. It was brilliant. They spoofed Arnold for CA Governor and at one point had Whoopi Goldberg making fun of Michael Jackson who was saying he wasn't as big of a freak as Anna Nichole Smith while Richard Simmons was trying to exercise her. The Singing was amazing. The outfits were hilarious but the hats stole the show.

At the end of the show one woman comes out with a huge hat that has a model of San Francisco on top that light up and they sang "San Francisco open your golden gates" which changed into "Happy trails to you, until we meet again..." I turned to Rupal and said, "Happy trails, were going to miss you. It's so perfect, San Francisco saying goodbye to you."

After the show I was finally able to pee, I was so happy. It got very hot up in the balcony. I just hate being hot and having to pee really bad. We then went to Twin Peaks for a couple farewell drinks. It was pretty nice. It was a weird crowd. There were quite a few groups of young straight people from the Marina. I had never seen so many people who were young or straight in the bar. It was like a reverse Gorilla Queer Bar. We even watch some street hoodlums get arrested. You have to love the SF police department. They practically shut down Market and Castro. I still have no clue what the hoodlums were up to but I remembered seeing them earlier, "we can't have fun with them..." one of them said as they had walked past us earlier. I'm still not sure who they were referring to... Obviously not us since who couldn't have fun with a shaved headed thug-like man with glasses, a vegetarian girl from India and Monkey. Yup, we had fun.


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Aug. 21st, 2003 04:09 pm (UTC)
Twin Peaks?! Ah. I'm so envious.

Aug. 22nd, 2003 08:55 am (UTC)
Glad you had such a good time!! I will definitely try to check out BBB!
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