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The Lizard Tale

I found it best to keep my mom talking about things from way back in the past, she would relax and not have to fight with her memory so much. I had her laughing for several minutes when I reminded her of this story. This story really tells a lot about my childhood.

When I was probably four my family went to my Aunt Ginger's house for Thanksgiving. They lived in a huge house in Laguna Hills. They had a view of the Ocean and behind their back yard was a huge hill that went all the way do the highway about a quarter mile away. My brother and I were always board if we had to stay inside. there was nothing to play with and it seemed like everything in the house was breakable and "not to be moved." Needles to say whenever we were their we wanted to play on the giant hill.

By the age of four I was an expert Lizard catcher. On this peaceful Thanksgiving I had already had three lizards get away from me when I spotted my next prey. He was a big one. Slowly, I crept closer waiting for the moment to strike. Now!

I grabbed him but was amazed to see him running away. Surely I had gotten him. That is when I felt him dangling from my hand. I had gotten him but he had broken. I only got his tail. That had never happened before. I had to go show my big brother. He wasn't that impressed, he told me some lizards did this and that I should go show my mom, she would be interested. So I headed back up the hill.

I wove through the forest of relatives who would squeeze my cheeks if they noticed me. I eventually found my mom talking to several other ladies.

"Mom, mom, mom, Look at this. Look, look!" I held up my spoils.

She continued talking the the ladies and put our her hand. I placed the still writhing lizard tail in her hand. I waited for her to tell he what a good little hunter I was, but she kept talking. And talking, and talking. I eventually got board so I headed back outside to try to catch another lizard, this time whole.

I was about halfway down the hill when I heard it. The blood curdling scream that should have broken glass. Oh, I was in trouble. My brother was laughing. My mom had not appreciated my lizard tail. My brother knew she wouldn't, his plan went better than he had ever dreamed. My father still claims that his hearing has never really recovered from that thanksgiving day.



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Aug. 20th, 2003 11:18 pm (UTC)
A memory to keep. .. .
You have had such a sweet life. Your Lizard Tale has made me smile so big, this lady at work asked me what I was smiling about and I told her your Lizard Tale.

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