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I'm back and I'm really not that bad.

So I'm back from LA. It wasn't all that bad. I like my parents so spending a week with them is not torture. However it is amazing how if someone has lost their short term memory how quickly you tire of repeating yourself. My mom is doing amazingly well. I guess. She still has almost no short term memory and is manic and paranoid every once in a while but that's a million times better than a couple of weeks ago.

My dad got his much needed break from telling my mom the same calming words over and over while I was there. I tried really hard to drill it into here that since she has such a bad memory she doesn't need to tell us everything she remembers, We would remember for her. There were several times when I really felt like I had a child. She needed two surgeries while I was visiting. I went and stayed with her to have an ingrown toenail fixed at the podiatrist. She was in one of her flightier manic moments. She didn't stop talking for a second. I explained everything including all the medications to the Dr as she gabbed on about god knows what. When it was time for him to give her a shot and do the procedure he asked her to tell him if she felt any pain.

She started talking about a surgery she had back in the 80's and how, "Oh, Owe, It hurt so bad." This was the first of five times I had to tell her not to use the words Owe or Pain! She gave that poor Dr a heart attack several times.

The weather down south was a real nice change. It was HOT. I don't remember it being that humid when I lived down there. I was not complaining though, San Francisco is a constant 65-70 so an 80-95 is a nice change. All my friends down there are doing really well and it was kind of hard, I miss all of them so much. I kept thinking about all the reasons for me to move back down to LA. It does seem like the universe is conspiring to have me move back. I'm just not sure I want to place my life in signs. I make my own life, destiny and decisions. I guess I will think on it and weigh things.

In surprise news... I'm getting some sort of Bonus for some unknown reason. My boss came over and said that Friday I was getting a bonus "for all the crap with the move" I'm not exactly sure what move maybe the integration. But I think it's pretty darn cool. Maybe I will get enough to buy a new iPod since I've lost mine. The universe taketh away and the universe giveth.
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