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New habits

I am going to try very hard to update my LJ every weekday. Goddess knows that i rarely have any desire to turn on a computer on the weekends. So 5 days a week sounds resonable to me. We shall see if I have the follow through. i really need to figure out how to post pictures in the body of my journal. I also need to figure out how to run spell check on this thing... I'm dislexic you know!

So last night Pink was not at Trannyshack. I had a good time though. It was strange that I really only saw one person I knew. I know several freinds of mine where there but It was so crowded that the only one I could see was uber tall Chris. While I was there I was reminded how great/awful Trannyshack is. The show was great several really good numbers, all Siouxsie and the Banshees songs. There was also a few truely awlful people there. On boy who was very cute and had a diagonal mohawk was so drunk and obnoxious that it made me aprehensive to cut my hair like his. I really liked the way it looked but now I associate it with his lame ass, Maybe i should take back the hairstyle and give it some class! We shall see. All in all I really had a good night, it's been far to long since i had a night out on a school day!