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Outing tonight!

My old coworker who came out to me a few weeks ago is about to do it again. He is going to tell miss Dana and my boss, Steve tonight. We figure if he tells them both at the same time Dana will have a big reaction, probably screaming "shut up! You are not! Get Out!" with big hand gestures and a smile on her face. Steve will be relieved of having to react at all since Dana will be drawing all the attention. I've teased Jason (the friend) that after he comes out, Steve will come out and proclaim his love for him. I think I disturbed Jason with that comment. Steve is the most ambivalent person I have ever met. He is the most sexually repressed person any of us have ever met. His family is VERY Catholic. All his aunt and uncles are in the Ministry, all eight of them. His mother is the only one who married- to the only son, father. Tonight should be interesting. I think I will watch Steve!


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Jul. 17th, 2003 09:46 pm (UTC)
Heh. I used to work with a guy like Steve. Everyone confused the two of us because 1) we're both tall and skinny, 2) we both had a good grasp of how to do stuff, and 3) we were both big gay fags. Well, except that he never made any reference to dating anyone, or being interested in anyone.

It was kind of sad, because it seemed like he was trying his damnedest to be asexual, and he was cute and funny and smart and all that.

I really hope he had a life outside of work that we just didn't know about.
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