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QE for the SG

Just finished watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The show on Bravo where five gay men makeover a straight man. I'm not so sure about the show. It had some really funny moments and the guys looked a lot better in the end, but I didn't like how mean and catty some of the Fab Five were.

The opening moments of both episodes that ran tonight were amazing. The art direction, editing, and pace was brilliant. However I'm not so sure on the fashion and sensibility of some of the guys on the show. Maybe I just don't have NY fashion sensibility but I cringed at the whole roll up your sleeves, roll your pant waists instead of using a belt, next thing you know we are going to be rolling the legs like back in the 80's. Please don't make me go back there, I refuse to go back.

I'm sure that the Grooming guy is only on the show because he's hot. I'm pretty sure most straight men know how to shave, it's not a gay secret. The cultural guy's tips were just plain rude. You can get away with "Good to see you, gotta go, love you, mean it" with friends but never with new acquaintances.

My hopes for the show is they stop trying to be Jack and Karen and learn to not try so hard. Will I watch it again, sure. Best to not judge after only two episodes. We'll see after the third.


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Jul. 16th, 2003 12:19 pm (UTC)
possibly maybe
i was wondering what that show was all about. thanks for your "review" i will consider possibly maybe watching the show.
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