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I am truely getting Insanely bored at work. I have tons of work to due, no motivation to do it and a strong desire for something creative. I've been working here for over three years. the company has changed it's name at least four times, let me go twice and gone bankrupt once yet i still work here. I think I am Karmicly paying for all the naughty things I've done in the past several years. i'm hopeing I'll get off for good behavior. in case you are wondering, I do the unthankful job of tech support. I work for a marketing company doing the internal desktop support. Just call me the punching bag for everything that goes wrong on the computers. I'm really not that good at it anymore. I used to be great! i guess i've been doing it too long and i also moved into unfreindly teritory. You see there are two things that make you a successful tech. The most important one is the ability to talk to people, get them to tell you what they need, talk them out of doing bad things, explane to them how things work. The other thing is to know your SHIT! you better know how to fix almost any problem fast or talk to the person and keep them calm or you will be eaten alive. My problem is that i'm tired of dealing with people who want the world and thank you with a finger point, you choose the finger. Also, I used to be a Mac tech. I can fix almost ANY Mac problem in under an hour. Now of the 200 plus computers on my network, only about 25 are Macs, and i have no real trainging fixing PC's. As you can tell, i'm screwed, the powers that fire should have gotten rid of me for the third time some time ago and kept one of the PC people. now i'm not alone in the tech department, luckly i work with a network guy who reluctatnly talks me through a lot of PC work. He is a very GRUMPY man, very, very Grumpy! I feel lucky to have a job, my department used to have over twenty people and now we are TWO! A lot of my old coworkers don't have a job right now. If I lose this job i'm not sure if i will continue doing support. one thing is for certain though, I will not do PC support, It all seems backwards to me. At this point i want to make it clear that i'm not a PC hater. We don't need no HATErs! I believe they are like apples and oranges. I like the sweet fruit not the tangy fruit. in order to make yummy food you need to use the propper indrediants. sometimes only apples sometimes only oranges and sometimes mix the two together to get a delicous tangy fruit salad. You may think i'm insane by this point. i'm not insane, i'm bored and disenchanted. I would really like to design clothing or just T-shirts. I really need to do something creative, even if only in my free time. I think maybe i will try to do some artsitc photography this weekend. As for tonight, i'm going to try to go to Trannyshack at The Stud. I heard that Pink might show up. We shall see.


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Jun. 9th, 2005 08:43 pm (UTC)
I wish more people believed in your fruit metaphor. : )
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