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Guy and Jey's Wedding!

So the Gay Wedding of Guy and Jey was so much fun. I went with my old coworker Katie. She was a little late picking me up because she accidentally took the Duboce Ave. exit which has been messed up since they tore down the Fell street exit. If you make the mistake of going towards the old Fell / Duboce you enter a parking lot for about 20 minutes if you're lucky. When Katie and I arrived we had five minutes until the wedding was supposed to begin.

As we were walking down the aisle the music stopped, the distinct organ notes stuck fear in our hearts... Dum, dum, dah, duhm. What the hell, it's a gay wedding, there is no bride. Everyone turned in the pews starring at us in confusion and anticipation. I wanted to jump into the the first seat next to like a game of musical chairs, but Katie was rushing forward to get seated in a row behind other people. As we sat down the music stopped, it was clearly a mistake. After a few moments some new music started, we turned to see if anyone was coming down the aisle, our old coworker Vince was running down the aisle.

When the procession did start it was short and sweet with a little laughter. There were two ministers who took turns. The first thing the second minister said was, "Marriage, Marriage is what brings us together today." I laughed so hard, I love that a minister would have enough of a sense of humor to quote the Princess Bride.

After the ceremony we all went out to the steps of the church for a photography. It took the photographer some time to get all 150 plus people visible through her viewfinder. Then it was off to the reception. There were a ton of old coworkers there. At one point all of us former marchFIRST employees gathered with the grooms and smiled and said "Bankruptcy!"

Katie and I enjoyed talking and drinking with our old friends, the wine was a constant flow. Anytime my glass became close to empty Brian would refill it. I had so much fun with Brian which amazed me since I found him rude and mean when I worked with him. Trouble was I didn't have much to eat that day. The reception had finger foods laid out with neighborhoods named in front of them. Spring rolls and wantons for Chinatown, Salsa for the Mission, and for some odd reason, Guacamole for the Castro. I thought the bar should have been the Castro.


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Jul. 15th, 2003 11:49 am (UTC)
Is avocado a fruit? :D
Feb. 24th, 2009 09:50 am (UTC)
What a lovely snapshot in time. :)

The male minister was a good friend of ours from Texas who we knew before he became a minister. Folks seated on the front row said they could see it when I mouthed the word "bitch" to him when he did the Princess Bride quote.

Our caterer needed a little help, but the food we had was pretty good as I recall.
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