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Fake like a piece of plastic fruit

If I don't like someone I am very good at playing nice. I can smile and be helpful, I can work with someone I loath and keep my personal feeling out of it. I am now being asked to go quite a bit further and I don't think I can fake it.

A coworker who I think is a snake is trying her hardest to become my best friend. She came to my boss and I and almost cried (she has cried before) because she wanted to go to lunch with us. She wants to be invited into our group. Problem is we don't trust her at all. I will never trust her. I've seen both of her faces and I know she has a knife behind her back. Its the one she used to get rid of Dana.

I have the hugest urge to tell her to back off, I don't and never will trust her. I have no problems being nice to her, but I would rather she kept her distance. unfortunately she sits next to me.

I don't understand her logic at all. yesterday she sent an email to my bosses boss that started off... "I don't mean to harp on this but I need this taken care of..." making a situation that was discussed and given options to sound like something that she has been begging for help and being ignored.

Basically the receptionist computer is slow. It's slow because the receptionist has tons of different chat software and has Kaaza installed. The snake has to cover reception every other day for one hour. Apparently she can't surf fast enough but doesn't want to upset the receptionist (who doesn't like her) by deleting Kaaza just to speed up the system. She wants us to be the bad guys and tell the receptionist she can't use it. We don't care that the receptionist has it. She is the only person in the company who has it because she does not abuse it. She has maybe 70 songs she has downloaded. I think she sent the email to make my boss look bad and to force us to take Kaaza to upset the receptionist. Not going to happen.

The snake is the same woman who took Dana's job. I just don't like her. Oh, she just stopped me to tell me, she trusts me, oh how sweet. Come here give me a hug, I need a knife in my back.


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Jul. 11th, 2003 08:08 pm (UTC)
I feel you... like we say it in the hood.
There are people out there that I completely cut off from. I tend to give people a chance for something. But there are times when there are lines that cannot be crossed in my book. Once passed, it is a path of no return. No matter what they do, the trust, respect and goodwill cannot be rekindled. Now or a million years from now.

Like you I can work with mortal enemies, but I will not go beyond that.

Just like in romantic relationships, one cannot love someone they don't respect or trust. It is the same for me in all areas in my life.

Stick to your guns! She will have more respect for you in the long run. It does seem to me that she feels that she can manipulate you like a puppet. I don't think that she respects you enough that she thinks that you can harm her. Surprise her. Please!
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