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Jungle Book

I've always had a strange affinity with the Jungle Book story. I was fascinated by the original animated one and would watch it with my best friend Phinny. when we discovered there was a live action one made in the 70s we pretty unsettled. When we watched it our jaws dropped, it was so bad it was great. I have one of the lines etched into my brain like a bad car accident.

Girl: Little bow, what is your name?
Girl: Mowgli, the little frog boy, why yes, I guess to the wolves you would look like a frog.

How she translated oooohhww into wolf for Mowgli still perplexes me. My reason for mentioning jungle book is because I just had a snake sing the trust me song while trying to hypnotize me with her eyes. Luckily I now to fear her and ran away as soon as the Janitor distracted her


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Jul. 11th, 2003 11:00 am (UTC)
Beware that snake song. Glad you got out okay!
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