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Waiting for the night to fall

Well I feel so much better today. The sage has been burnt and I have spoken with Velerie several times now. She is doing amazingly well. She is such a strong woman. I am actually kind of inspired by her, I know it very likely is all an act and she has truely been dealt a damaging blow but she puts forward such strength. I would rather not dwel on what happened. Quite a few people have been saying such nice things about me today at work. I so rarely get any apreciation for my tech support work. Usually people are mad becasue there computer is broken and they want it fixed NOW! It's truely wonderful when someone takes the time to say 'Thanks so much, your the best!" I think I will wait a little while before I write the 911 story, This site was supposed to be fun to read. the 911 story is a good story but not when so close to the recent events.