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Scattered rantings on an insane man

Roosterbear has reacquainted me with the lovely idea of Lists to improve my life. since I seem to have the attention span of a gnat these days I need something to focus me on tangible goals. I now vow to make lists and to take great joy in crossing things out.

One thing I wish I could cross out but haven't doubt I will be able too until I have a lovely main of silver hair is Drama. I have tended to veer away from people who carry too much Drama around with them, but lately even my drama impaired friends have been coming to me with MAJOR Drama.

I spent half an hour today on the phone with my friend of eleven years while I was at work. I hid in an unused office while I listened to him scream and yell, rant and scream and nearly bust into tears. It sounds like his 8 year relationship is about at the end. He has seriously Lost it, and by it I really mean everything. Last month he had a nervous break down. He tried to do horrible things to himself but he was luckily unsuccessful and put in a help center. When he got out he went to visit his mother and then returned to his home with his boyfriend and the unhealthy cycle started again. His boyfriend started to lay into him about money. Daryl was laid off about two months ago. his boyfriend Todd makes Tons of money and Daryl made good money until he lost his job. This pissed me off a bit since they are two gay men living together in a low rent place, no car payment and low insurance. They shouldn't have money stress. Daryl is not a spender. He is happy to sit there and play the same guitar he has had since I met him. Todd however had to buy new chairs to match the new table because chrome is back in again (not in my opinion). It was sad to say to Daryl, it's time to be on your own, it's time to leave. If he is more concerned with money than your well being, you don't need him.

It awful to think on, no job, boyfriend of 8 years gone, scars on your wrists, looking for a place to live. I wish he didn't live so far away.