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End of the week Wrap-up

This has been a really long, but productive week. I finished up tons of projects and cleaned up the most of the house to guest levels... not that I'm having any guests but a clean house is so nice.

I started off the holiday weekend right, MarketHouse was having a Martini party and I was there early. It was really nice to hang out with all my old roomies and friends I hadn't seen in forever. I ended drinking a bit too much. I flirted shamelessly with sexy straight Nate and ended up going to a number of bars with Michael. We closed down Sad-Girls and reopened Moby's for a few more drinks with the bartenders. I was still drunk the next day when I was supposed to going down to Cambria. Notice the use of the words "Supposed to" in that last sentence. I spent most of Saturday recovering and watching "V" and "V the Final Battle." There is just something about really bad Sci-Fi Mini series that help you back on your feet... Like a snickers bar.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing or really moving my but and getting things done. I finished tons of boring crap at work. Migrated users, archived Data, and other things that sound as exciting as a screwdriver. but by far the best things I've done was resist the powers of others that try to force me to kill them. I two users who were constant pains in my voice mail. That I was able to allow them to live assures me a place in heaven. Although wither of them could become the next Hitler and I still doubt there is a heaven.