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What a long strange night it was.

Yesterday 5pm
As I am walking back to my desk my cell phone rings. It's Dana, "Where ARE you? Your going to make me late!" I walk back to my desk meet her, grab my bag and off we go to my Allergy appointment. Three shots and 20 minutes later we're back in the car and on our way to the Tenderloin to see Ghost of the Robot.

We pull into a parking space across the street from the Great American Music Hall. I marvel at our good fortune. Parking is hard to find at all, let alone in front of your destination. Never happens, it's easier to find Sasquatch. There are about 20 Women in line for the show. The doors open at 7:30, so we have a bit of a wait. I make the comment, "I told I would be the only guy!" The girl in front of us interjects, "oh, no you're not, My friend Stephen is here, he just ran to an ATM. I'm Andrea." We got along quite well with Andrea. Never really heard the band and yet was going to fight her way to the front and knock over any skinny little things that got in her way. I instantly loved her. While waiting we met two other girls who came by themselves, Michelle (a Psychiatrist's assistant in Walnut creek) and a Completely insane girl from Texas.

I have to take a moment to tell you about Ms. Texas. She came all the way from Texas to see this band. The sentence after she tells us her brother works for an airline so she gets free tickets, she says that she drove from Texas. All her stories start out believable and then get all twisted and complicated. She had quite a few stories that were pretty hard to swallow. The Psychiatrist's assistant and I diagnosed her as being insane. My favorite story was how she wrote eight episode of Buffy but wouldn't have written any for the Sixth season because they wanted sex scenes just to spice things up. She is a P.O.W. - A real Piece of Work!

The opening band got things going, warmed the audience up and started me to order drinks every time our cocktail boy came past. he really couldn't keep the drinks coming fast enough. They were a bit small and made with the tiniest amount of Alcohol. The opening band, Callahan, sounded very much like Oasis, looked like Blur and had a special guest singer who I swear was meatloaf's illegitimate son. It was interesting.

Then came the second band, the band we were all here to see, Ghost of the Robot. There was another band after them. I felt sorry for them, they went on too late for weeknight and everyone was here to see Ghost of the Robot anyway. Ghost of the Robot slowly drug themselves on stage, the lead guitarist had my immediate attention. I thought someone had slipped something into one of my drinks. He had bad 70's hair, a red white and blue headband, matching sweatbands, silky short shorts, fat stripped sox. Think Olivia Newton John -Physical. The women were screaming. Excitement was oozing out from the frothy swarm of female mass that was pressing themselves against the stage in expectation of Spike. He entered the Stage and looked good. As the band began to perform I began to Laugh.

I never watched American Idol but I heard about it. I imagined myself as being the Judges and what I would say if I was each of them.

Paula- You've got Charisma, You have personality, You've got what it takes, Keep on Practicing!

Simon- Maybe you should change your name to Bloody Awful Because that's what you are. Can you even hit a note? If I wanted to hear shit like this I would go to karaoke night during happy hour at the bland rock bar. Stick with your day job and get off my stage.

Randy- Wow the chicks really seem to dig you. I have to ask man, what's with the workout gear from 1984?

I really enjoyed the show, It was very entertaining but I have heard better music at a karaoke bar where the singer doesn't really know the words. I don't mean to be vicious but James Marsters needs some lessons or something. he sings a lot better than me but he's still really awful.

My favorite moment of the night:
James is getting ready to sing his slow ballad song. The women are all screaming, he begins to sing, the guitarist a la 80's sweat suit is trying to shush the audience to quiet them down. Gay men in back wearing leather and chains are swaying back and forth with lighters raised high, a woman screams, "Take off your pants." followed by, "Take it all off!"