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Mine would be Beverly Hills 90210

Full of Drama, break-ups, betrayals, health problems and yet almost no one ever dies. Hope I'm not Jinxing myself here. It just seems like there is so much coming at me right now.
My mom's health is really bad, but I have such a strong feeling that she will come out OK within the next year. She's fought cancer for over 30 years, Destiny's Child wrote some song about her... Survivor.
My friend Jannie has come back into my life. It's so good to talk to her and see her again. It's incredibly upsetting to hear everything that has bubbled up in her life recently. Things no girl should ever have to deal with.
My best friend just moved out of his girlfriend (and my close friend) and his place. They've been together for at least six years. I don't like the Evil Bitch that has tempted him out of the relationship. If you are friends with someone, you don't break up the relationship they are in to get a boyfriend.
At least some things are going well. Dana is recovering well from her tummy surgery and is doing really well with her new eating habits. She says for the first time in her life she feels full and not hungry. She's losing weight and looks healthy.